The Health Literacy Study-Asia (HLS-Asia) is a project which aims to measure health literacy levels across Asia and to provide an overview of the health literacy status in Asia. The study involves close collaboration between universities, research institutions and ministries across Asia. Not only will the current state of health literacy in identified countries be evaluated but the health services and healthcare deliveries will be compared. Social and cultural determinants as well as measures to enhance the health service capacities in each country will also be considered.
The HLS-Asia project has been designed to mirror a similar international study, the European Health Literacy Survey (HLS-EU). The HLS-Asia project has received support from The Taiwan National Science Council, Ministry of Health and Welfare, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Project Organisation
The HLS-Asia project is being led by Taipei Medical University and coordinated by Prof. Peter WS Chang. The HLS-Asia research team is composed of three parts, which includes the Executive Board, Advisory Committee and the Secretariat.
The HLS-Asia project will be carried out between 2013-2015 across more than 15 countries in Asia: Brunei, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. In each country, a random sample of approximately 1,000 citizens, who will be 15 years and older, will be collected.

Executive Board Members
Advisory Committee Members
Using HLS-EU-Asia-Q Questionnaire
Request for Using HLS-EU-Asia-Q Questionnaire
The mission of the Asian Health Literacy Association (AHLA) is to promote health literacy and to aid in the development of policy that will achieve better healthcare in Asia. AHLA is committed to fulfilling its mission by encouraging the flow of ideas, knowledge, and experiences, and the development of relevant cooperative projects between universities, research institutions, communities, and ministries.
Thus, AHLA invites other institutions to conduct studies on health literacy using adaptations of the HLS-EU-Asia questionnaire (thereinafter “the Questionnaire”), which was adapted from HLS-EU in Asia in early 2013 with consent from the HLS-EU Consortium. However, in order to collect internationally comparable data that does not introduce bias that could skew comparisons, adaptations made to the Questionnaire must be made in such a way that it is better suited culturally for the intended population, location, or language.
The procedure for seeking permission to use the HLS-EU-Q in Asia is as follows:

1. Complete the “Application Form For Using Health Literacy Survey Questionnaire in Asia – the HLS-EU-Asia” [.doc] [.pdf]
2. Submit the completed application form to AHLA Secretariat at ahls.secretariat@gmail.com
3. After receiving the form, AHLA Secretariat will review the application and communicate with the HLS-EU Consortium and respond within ten (10) business days whether or not permission is granted
4. If permission is granted, AHLA Secretariat will email the requested questionnaire to the applicant.
5. If you modify any part of the HLS-EU-Asia-Q, you are requested to email a copy of your adapted questionnaire to ahls.secretariat@gmail.com within one (1) month of receiving the Questionnaire.

In order to foster the spirit of AHLA:
• The adapted questionnaire will be entered into a questionnaire depository and may be provided to other organizations.
• AHLA will publish on its website (http://ahls-asia.org/→Projects→HLS-Asia) information (including Institution Name, Abstract, and Sample Population) about studies currently being conducted, granted, completed, et al.
• This questionnaire is for academic use only; any commercial use of the material, including unauthorized selling or distributing, is prohibited. 

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• “Application Form For Using Health Literacy Survey Questionnaire in Asia – the HLS-EU-Asia”