2020 Secretariat


Name: Chi-Wei Lin, MD, PhD, MBA


2011-2017 Director, Center of Medical Education Assessment and Research, E-Da Hospital
2017-2018 Associate Director, Community Medicine Department, E-Da Hospital
2017-2018 Deputy Secretary General, Asian Health Literacy Association
2010- Teaching-oriented Visiting Staff, Department of Medical Education, E-Da Hospital
2014- Editor, Taiwan Journal of Family Medicine
2015- Medical Ethics Course Coordinator, I-Shou University School of Medicine
2016- Director, Taiwan Health Evaluation and Promotion Association
2017- Supervisor, Taiwan Association of Family Medicine
2018- Director, Center of Faculty Development, E-Da Hospital
2018- Director, Family Medicine and Community Medicine Department, E-Da Hospital
2019- Secretary General, Asian Health Literacy Association


Deputy Secretary-General

2014/08 Present Research Fellow Cochrane Taiwan
2012/08 Present Attending Physician Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Taipei Medical University Hospital, Taiwan
2017/08 Present Supervisor Taiwan Evidence-Based Medicine Association  
2018/08 Present Professor Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, School of Medicine, College of Medicine/Master Program in Long-Term Care, College of Nursing, Taipei Medical University/School of Gerontology Health Management,
College of Nursing, Taipei Medical University, Taiwan

Deputy Secretary-General

Name: Alex Chen M.D., M.Sc., PhD Candidate
一張含有 個人, 領帶, 服飾, 男人 的圖片自動產生的描述
I am Dr Alex Chen (M.D., M.Sc., PhD Candidate), the Assistant Secretary General of Asian Health Literacy Association (AHLA), the Medical Director at Novartis Japan, a board-certified attending physician, a senior medical advisor at multinational corporations, and the awardee of 2018 Top 10 Outstanding Youth Award, one of the most prestigious awards in Taiwan.
I have clinical practice experience (10 years); research expertise in real-world big data & epidemiology (9 years); multinational working experience (6 countries - UK, USA, Japan, Korea, Taiwan); International NGO senior manager/president experience (6 years); radio anchor experience (3 years).
I received my M.D. Degree in 2008 and the M.Sc. Degree for International Health in 2010. I was a PhD Postgraduate researcher at the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London. I got four scholarships to obtain international research experience in the USA (UCLA) in 2009, Japan (Nagasaki University) in 2010, UK (Imperial College) since 2014 and Korea (KAIST) in 2015.
I completed my clinical training in occupational medicine at National Taiwan University Hospital, the most prestigious university hospital in Taiwan, and was promoted directly to an attending physician at Hsinchu Science Park Clinic (HSPC), the only hospital at Hsinchu Science Park (considered as Silicon Valley in Taiwan) after my residency training. I was also a senior industrial medicine advisor to support the world-leading multinational corporations in IT and Finance industries. I headed the Health Management Units, developed disease prevention & health promotion programs and set up the risk assessment protocols.
I was the CEO of European Federation of Taiwan Health Alliance (EFTHA). I represented INGOs to provide several speeches in the UK Parliament, Scottish Parliament, European Union Committee, as well as the world top universities or research institutes. I am the spokesperson for the media and keep the healthy relationship with governments or other INGOs.

Deputy Secretary-General

Name: Ru-Yi Huang, M.D., M.P.H

一張含有 個人, 服飾, 女性, 牆 的圖片自動產生的描述
2014/08 Present Research Fellow Cochrane Taiwan
2014 - 2017 Physician, Department of Family Medicine Visiting Staff, Department of Medical Education. Director, Center for International Medical Education, E-Da Hospital
2013 – 2014 Visiting Scientist, Environmental and Occupational Medicine and Epidemiology Harvard School of Public Health, Boston
2011 – 2012 Attending Physician, Family Medicine Mennonite Christian Hospital, Hualien, Taiwan
2008 – 2010 Chief Resident and Resident, Family Medicine National Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan

Deputy Secretary-General - Sabbatical leave until October 2021

Name: Tara Tai-Wen Chen

一張含有 個人, 服飾, 女性, 牆 的圖片自動產生的描述


Tara Chen is a recent graduate from a dual Masters’ in Public Health specializing in Governance and Economics in Health Systems in a joint-collaboration program, Europubhealth+, studying at institutions in England, France, and Poland. She is currently living in Taiwan assisting with the first Global Health Literacy Summit. She hopes to explore national health literacy strategies and action plans in a variety of country settings with a multisectoral and intersectoral lens. Tara holds a Bachelor´s in Health Sciences with a focus in Global Engagement from Western University in London, Canada.

Tara’s prior experience was based in Sweden working with the Sustainable Development Goals, and in Jamaica working with Caribbean populations who are especially vulnerable to HIV infection or often forgotten in access to treatment and healthcare programs. Her past work experiences also include working with geriatric populations, data management in clinical trials and environmental health. In 2015, Tara was a summer intern at AHLA surveying patients for the Health Literacy Study-Asia Project at Taipei Hospital which ignited her passion to work in the international health sector.


Name: Angel Yu-An Yang
FB: Angel Yang is currently a master student in global health and development, Taipei Medical University, a part-time research assistant in the WHO project, and oral health lecturer in the senior center. She actively participates in several public health conferences and summits abstracts. Also, she has various experiences of organizing and joining volunteer services to the aboriginal tribe, Thailand, Kirgistan and so on. 

During the working and service experiences, she found enthusiasm and the importance of health literacy and health communication. Therefore, she plans to keep studying Ph.D. in the coming year and devoted herself to improving health literacy and international health.