AHLA Seminar Network

AHLA Seminar Network

I would like to release the July Seminar section, which is conducted by the AHLA office in Malaysia, led by Prof. Tin Tin Su, and her colleague from the University of Malaya.

The video portrays the Health literacy and communication in a Malaysia context.

Low health literacy contributes to the communication gap between physicians and patients. Patients with low health literacy may have less familiarity with medical concepts and vocabulary, and difficulty in understanding what physicians explained. It would affect the self-management and outcome of the treatment. Several researches show that physicians commonly overestimate patients' health literacy levels, and they rarely consider whether patients understand what they need to do. Physicians appear ill-prepared to communicate effectively with patients and caretakers.

We introduced the health literacy concept to undergraduate medical training and highlighted the importance of effective communication with patients particularly dealing with patients and caretakers with low health literacy. Following video was produced by the University of Malaya, undergraduate medical students (UMMP Stage 3.2), Group 5 A & B during community posting 2017 as their group work. The two groups were supervised by Dr. Tin Tin Su.

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Tuyen Van Duong, ASG of AHLA