Kickoff meeting of EHII Action Network on Measuring Health Literacy

Will meet again around the end of August in Switzerland, thanks to the hospitality of the Swiss colleagues! There is a choice between two meeting dates – please indicate your preferred option in the doodle survey until March 2nd, using the following link:


And please do not forget to provide feedback on the draft HEN report to Gill Rowlands also until March 2nd!


From our side, we have planned for the following immediate next steps: You will receive …

·         …  the meeting material by the end of next week

·         …. the minutes of the meeting including more info on tasks, timeline and next steps in the next couple of weeks.


As a little souvenir from the Vienna meeting, please find below a photo of the network inauguration J (with thanks to Julia!).


Hope you had a safe trip back home!


Warm regards from chilly Vienna,