AHLA President's welcome address at the 5th International Asian Health Literacy Conference


AHLA President's Dr.Tsai's Welcome Address:
"Honorable President is of Asian Health Literacy Association or Shih, All esteemed the Guests, Dear colleagues now, Good Morning!

We are honored and pleased to the HOLD at The 5 TH AHLA Conference in at The University of Malaya. I'd like to take the opportunity to thank the local organizing committee to make the conference possible and wonderful.

Sparks of exceptional wits were shown at previous conferences in Taiwan, Vietnam. We hold one unified vision, that is, health and well-being of human. Today, for commence of AHLA 2017, I'd like to share a few thoughts captured.

What is our core value upon promotion of health literacy? For years, I've devoted myself to an expedition of great discovery, public health, practice of medicine, disaster medicine ... etc. Yet, perhaps, the answer is so near to us that Pioneer of modern behaviorism, Prof. BF Skinner once said "Education is what surviving when what has been learned already has forgotten. " I think that would apply to our health literacy as well.                                                           

Nowadays, our young junior health professionals were cultivated in such an era of high-tech, adopted the use of social medias to share what the life of a health professional is, and spread out On the other hand, some were invited to programs and shows. Never ever, does general public feel how closely said are us. We are not foes, but comrades.

Without novel methods introduced in health education, these changes would never have happened. These roles would not have happened. Exchange roles of teachers and students, encourage them to learn to message deliver; demonstrating possibilities in future working environments, to aid them set up goals to become battle field volunteers, NGOs Officers, poets, CEO of biotechnology firm, mayor and more; accompany them not as mentors but as friends to advise correct concepts and ago projects and. projects,

health projects , a life-long mission for our general public as well as us Thank you. "

The 5th International Asian Health Literacy Conference 2017