2017 Yufong International Health Literacy Award winners

Announcement of the
2017 Yufong International Health Literacy Award (YIHLA)

Purpose of the Award
To promote health literacy researches and practices globally and encourage health literacy researches and programs in less developed or developing countries and communities, an international health literacy award for those with the best researches and practices outcomes, with at least one published scientific manuscript accepted in an international reviewers' based journals.

The Awards are named after the past Madame Yufong Hsu (1927~2016, Taiwan), who had supported health literacy in her life and between her friends and families ceaselessly. She also had participated twice AHLA Conference in 2013 and 2014, constantly supported the establishment of the AHLA significantly.

Each year, one award recipient will be honored with 1000 USD for one individual or institution who will participate in the AHLA Conference from inside Asia, and one individual or institution with 500 USD from outside of Asia. Both will be accompanied with one Award Certificate.
Results of 2017 Award
After the announcement, many applications and recommendations have been received. Through 3 independent academic committee, the 2017 Yufong International Health Literacy Award has been recommended to a few individuals, who have collectively completed and published one important study in then international renowned reviewers-based journal, listed in the following. These individuals conducted these studies in different cities with limited resources, and the results provided the first-ever multi-national health literacy survey in the general public in 6 countries in Asia. They collectively contributed to the more advanced researches and understanding of the health literacy in the populations in Asia.
Each will receive 200 USD in cash, a trophy, and others from the AHLA.

Congratulations to the 2017 Yufong International Health Literacy Award winners:
Dr. Tuyen V Duong     
Dr. Altyn Aringazina 

Dr. Khue Pham Minh

Dr.Tin Tin Su

Dr. Win Myint Oo

Original article can be found here:
Article is availble for download as a PDF here: Measuring health literacy in Asia: Validation of the HLS-EU- Q47 survey tool in six Asian countries