AHLA signs MOU with the APAMI for future close collaborations

AHLA signs MOU with the APAMI for future close collaborations

Greetings by Prof Carmen Tolabing, advisor of the AHLA. Joined by Prof Peter Chang, HP, AHLA, and Prof Hsu Chien-Yeh, President, APAMI. 

AHLA Honorary President Dr. Peter Chang together with his team, APAMI President Prof. Chien-Yeh Hsu and his team.

We are here this afternoon for a very special occasion – the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between two strong organizations, the Asian Health Literacy Association (AHLA) and the Asia Pacific Association of Medical Informatics (APAMI).

This is a big step forward in our combined efforts to improve medical and health sciences, boost health literacy, and use information technologies to make healthcare better. The agreement we're signing shows how committed we are to working together to bring new ideas, do research, and make healthcare better for everyone, not just in our region but around the world.

By teaming up, AHLA and APAMI are starting a journey that goes beyond borders, bringing together our knowledge to promote better health services using the latest health technologies. This partnership will lead to new solutions that meet the changing needs of our communities when it comes to healthcare.

This MOU also shows our commitment to working together on important scientific research. The collaboration between AHLA and APAMI will push us to make advancements in medical informatics and health literacy, helping us understand and improve healthcare in a more effective way.

As we agree to work closely, we understand how important it is to create smooth connections and build a network that allows us to share knowledge and skills. This partnership is more than just a formal agreement; it's a promise to work together across organizations for the greater good of healthcare and everyone involved.

In conclusion, let's celebrate the teamwork and shared goals represented in this MOU. Together, AHLA and APAMI are ready to make a big difference in the world of medical and health sciences. I believe this collaboration will bring about positive changes for individuals and communities in the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

Posted by Sri Handayani