2024 Yufong International Health Literacy Award Nomination

2024 Yufong International Health Literacy Award (YIHLA)

Purpose:To promote health literacy researches and practices globally and encourage health literacy championships in less developed or developing countries, an international health literacy award for those with the best researches, practices, and leadership. The Awards are named after the past Madam Yufong Hsu, who had supported health literacy in her life and disseminated health literacy information continuously in the communities. 

In the 10th AHLA Conference to be held in May 13-15, 2024, one award will be honored with 1000 USD to one individual or institution in the Asia Pacific Region and around the world and one award for individual or institution with 500 USD in the Asia Pacific region and in Taiwan. Both will be accompanied with one Award Certificate. The awards will be presented to the recipients in the 10th AHLA Conference physically. The recipients or one representative of the awardee institutions will be waived for registration fees of the 10th AHLA Conference. The awards are only for those will participate in the AHLA Conference in person. 
How to apply? One individual or individuals or an institution can nominate or be nominated for the Award by sending the nomination or recommendation by Jan 20, 2024. The AHLA YIHLA Award Committee including key international experts and leaders will be developed by the AHLA Award Committee and announce the winners of both awards by March 20, 2024. The documents of application expect to include (1) basic and professional information and biography, (2) an electronic file of passport(s) of the individuals or license(s) or certificate(s) of the institution(s) showing permanent residence or citizenship or nationality, (3) one best-published manuscript or report within 2 years of the 10th AHLA Conference, (4) proof(s) of accepted abstract(s) in the coming AHLA Conference, (5) others which will facilitate the decision on the award(s).

Deadline of Application for Jan 20, 2024.
For Interest in the application and nomination, please send the completed documents to AHLA Honorary President and Chair of the YIHLA Committee Professor Peter Chang ( *

This Award had been since granted 2017 by the AHLA

Posted by Sri Handayani