9th AHLA International Conference Oral Presentation Schedule

9th AHLA International Conference 
May 14 – 17, 2023
at the Royal Phuket City Hotel, Phuket, Thailand
CODE Presenter Title Time Room
CODE003 Janthiya Nativipattum Situation and evaluation of Health Literacy Organization in health care organizations participating in project “Sasuk Oonchai 2022” of Health Region 7, 2022. Date: 15th May 2023
Time: 13:00-14:20
Room C
CODE030 Malinee Aimekong Upgrading the Public Health Service Unit in the 4th Health Region to become a Health Literacy Organization: Using a model of motivation and participation from the registration of a Sasukoonchai website
CODE070 Haiyan Fu The assessment tools of organizational health literacy in medical institutions
CODE092 Kamolnat Muangyim How to develop primary health care organization in Thailand into health literate primary health care organization?
CODE138 Usha Rani Organizational Health Literacy and Patient Health Literacy at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in South India
CODE040 Fesanmie Amarillo Fitspiration Culture on social media and its impact on eating habits and weight control behaviors among nursing students Date: 15th May 2023
Time: 13:00-14:20
Room D
CODE135 Le Duc Huy Insight into global research on health literacy and heart diseases: A bibliometric analysis
CODE167 Karl Peltzer National cross-sectional data on health literacy of undiagnosed type 2 diabetes among adults in Sudan
CODE205 Alexander Thomas Mboma Health Literacy and Digital Healthy Diet Literacy as Associated with Health-related Quality of Life among Diabetic Patients with Long COVID
CODE098 Jumnion Suwannachat Improving eating literacy for people with uncontrolled blood glucose type-2 diabetes mellitus
CODE055 Pham Thi Minh Thu Negative impact of fear of COVID-19 on long COVID as modified by health literacy: a multiple-health centers survey in Vietnam  Date: 15th May 2023
Time: 13:00-14:20
Room E
CODE061 Daniswara Agusta Wijaya Impact of health literacy and resilience on COVID-19 fear: Study among Indonesian COVID-19 survivors
CODE075 Pakorn Tungkasereerak Effectiveness of electronic media to promote health literacy in COVID-19 prevention among children with intellectual disabilities
CODE079 Neil Madulara Martin Visual Voice of the Youth Under Lockdown Protocol Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic: A Photovoice
CODE090 Han T. Vo Associations of health literacy and digital healthy diet literacy with post-traumatic stress symptoms in long COVID-19
CODE019 Thisophin Thongthai Health Literacy in Early Childhood Rearing of Parents in the Middle Zone of Northeastern Thailand Date: 15th May 2023
Time: 13:00-14:20
Room G
CODE039 Maria Cristiane Barbosa Galvao Involving undergraduate students from the health field to answer questions from underserved population on social networks
CODE081 Maria Cristiane Barbosa Galvao Ana Maria: Instrument to capture librarians’ perception about information products and services with focus on individuals with Down Syndrome
CODE101 Endang Widyorini The Relation Between Resilience and Subjective Happiness among Covid-19 survivor with comorbidities: The Mediating Role of Fear of COVID-19
CODE031 Pragya Sharma Prescribing Pattern of Antidepressants among Patients with Depression in a Mental Hospital of Nepal Date: 15th May 2023
Time: 13:00-14:20
CODE099 Benedicta Audrey Putri Trisnadewi Relationship among fear of COVID-19, health literacy, and COVID-19 survivors’ quality of life
CODE199 Aunchalee Jittrapirom Digital Health Literacy of Healthy among Pregnancy Women in Suratthani Province: A Case Study for Promoting Health Literacy
CODE223 Houng Sar Mon Health literacy on Tobacco Use among working aged people
CODE225 Than Myint Factors influencing cervical cancer screening uptake among reproductive aged women (30-60 years) in Maesot, Tak province, Thailand
CODE156 Tatjana Murau Sociodemographic differences in Digital Health Literacy among informal caregivers in Germany
CODE013 Sarath Lekamwasam Health literacy and economic downturn: A conceptual abstract based on the current Sri Lankan economic situation  Date: 15th May 2023
Time: 14:40-16:40
Room C
CODE077 Zhan Public health policy in Republic of Kazakhstan: understanding of health literacy among population
CODE121 Mariusz Duplaga What determines the attitudes toward the pandemic: conspiracy beliefs or health literacy?
CODE172 Hai Duong Telemedicine in outpatient care for chronic diseases: A systematic meta-analysis
CODE228 Wassana wangpimoon Pharmaceutical literacy and drug calendar service in tuberculosis patients, Nhongkrugori Hospital
CODE036 Burin Suraaroonsamrit Suicide literacy in Thai people Date: 15th May 2023
Time: 14:40-16:40
Room D
CODE105 Margaretha Sih Setija Utami Psychometric properties of health literacy scale for covid survivors
CODE149 Thu Huong Nguyen Status of Stress, Anxiety, Depression of Surgical Patients at Vinmec Timescity International Hospital in 2022 and Some Related Factors
CODE158 Nopporn Tantirangsee Development of the depression and suicidal ideation screening test
CODE054 Rawipreya Punarong Effects of mental health literacy and community-level capability development on sustainable health promotion of model community
CODE021 Piyanan Photichai Electronic Media Usage in Early Childhood in Khon Kaen Province Under the Supervision of Primary Caregivers of Various Ages Date: 15th May 2023
Time: 14:00-16:60
Room E
CODE066 Ngamnetr Eiamnakha Rehabilitation for Bedridden Patient by Using Telehealth
CODE152 Chanisa Hengruamyat The effectiveness of AI-assisted health literacy promotion innovation for diabetes risk group in Raksukkapap Clinic, Regional Health Promotion Center 5 Ratchaburi
CODE164 Navinee Kruahong Promotion of mental health literacy in social media society: thematic analysis of a twitter conversation
CODE166 Anchana Sopon The effectiveness of SMART NCDs program for establishing health literacy in diabetic patients, Bantakhun hospital, Surat Thani province, Thailand
CODE053 Usha Ghimire Impact of Local Community Health Workers’ Response on Maternal and Child’s Health in Rural Nepal: A COVID-19 pandemic Overview Date: 15th May 2023
Time: 14:40-16:40
Room G
CODE082 Chen-Su Lin The Development of Health Literacy Toolkit in Taiwan 
CODE226 Than Zaw Health literacy on type 2 diabetes mellitus among Tuberculosis patients
CODE119 Samal Issabekova Health Literacy of The Population of The Republic of Kazakhstan
CODE125 Hsien-Wen Kuo Association of environmental health literacy (EHL) with risk perception, avoidance behaviors, and trust for stakeholders among residents in Taiwan Date: 15th May 2023
Time: 14:40-16:40
CODE132 Cecilia Wong T.T. The impact of a training program for domestic workers in preventing fall of older people in the community
CODE169 Shane Andrelei D. Perez Self-care practices of hypertensive adult female patients in the City of Marikina amidst the COVID-19 lockdown: a phenomenological inquiry
CODE173 Josephine Ferren Heryanto Relationship among fear of COVID-19, resilience and quality of life in Indonesian adolescents COVID-19 survivors
CODE196 Umaporn Kamlungdee The experience in applying health literacy of uncontrolled diabetic patients
in Bang Sai Hospital Network
CODE200 Loan Thi Dang Anxiety, depression among hemodialysis patients during the COVID-19 pandemic: the roles of health literacy, hemodialysis dietary knowledge, and physical activity
CODE220 Padmore Adusei Amoah Social capital and quality of care and health information: Rethinking health literacy among community-dwelling older persons in Hong Kong
CODE157 Tatjana Murau Technology commitment among informal caregivers in Germany: results of an online survey
CODE201 Enny Rachmani Developing an Online Assessment Tool (Si Cerdik) for Measuring Digital Health Literacy
CODE025 Suwusith Changthong Health Literacy in Food Handler of School in Khon Kaen municipality Date: 16th May 2023
Time: 10:00-12:00
Room C
CODE028 Suthra Auapisithwong Effectiveness of a Life Skills Enhancement Program (LSEP-V) for Vocational Students in Thailand: A quasi-experimental study from a middle-income country
CODE056 Maria Cristiane Barbosa Galvão Pediatric patient literacy and storytelling
CODE136 Pakasinee Gawee The analysis results of adolescent leadership development model in health region 1
CODE139 Ploynate Chananantpojchaniti The effectiveness of lanna smart child program for self-care behaviors of obesity secondary school students
CODE178 Premyuda Narkarat Effect of social media model to improve sexual health literacy among secondary school female students in southern provinces, Thailand
CODE010 Prof Sarath Lekamwasam Association of health literacy with metabolic control and vascular surrogates among patients with diabetes attending outpatient clinics; a cross-sectional study Date: 16th May 2023
Time: 10:00-12:00
Room D
CODE073 Pakorn Tungkasereerak Effects of health literacy program (NESTPlus) on unpregnancy and abortion teenage life skill protection in higher education institution
CODE114 Soe Moe Role of health literacy in the prevention of emerging and re-emerging diseases: medical students’ perception
CODE170 Margaretha Sih Setija Utami The correlation between eco-literacy and pro-environmental behavior of university students
CODE198 Wiphawadee Potisopha Translation and Cross-cultural Adaptation of the Thai-Brief Health Literacy Screening Tool
CODE113 Mila Nu Nu Htay Digital health literacy on COVID-19 and its association with sense of coherence and well-being among youths of East and South-East Asia Date: 16th May 2023
Time: 10:00-12:00
Room E
CODE184 Phoenix K.H. Mo Longitudinal Effect of Electronic Health Literacy on Health-promoting Lifestyles among Chinese Older Adults: A Three-wave Longitudinal Study
CODE224 Nyunt Win Health Literacy among Myanmar Migrant Workers in Khon Kaen Province, Thailand: A cross-sectional study
CODE227 Wor Mi Thi Prevalence of limited hypertensive health literacy among Myanmar migrant workers in Northeastern Thailand
CODE134 Nonthaphat Theerawasttanasiri Health Literacy and Self-care Behaviors to prevent PM2.5 Impact of Village Health Volunteers at Special Economic Area in Chiang Rai Province Date: 16th May 2023
Time: 10:00-12:00
Room G
CODE148 Sujitra Chaiwatthanakorn Effectiveness of a self-perineal wound care promotion program for postpartum mothers: Self-Assessment of perineal wound healing
CODE187 Yue Tian The impact of Health Literacy on Quality of Life and Healthcare Utilization: ACross-sectional Study in Hong Kong
CODE190 Emyr Reisha Isaura The Important Role of Health Literacy in Health Eating Behavior among Adults During the Covid-19 Pandemic
CODE171 Suchitra Sumonnok Antenatal care services model promoting iodine deficiency prevention literacy among pregnant women in health region-9 during the new normal

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