7AHLA Conference: Workshop Registration

The 7th International Health Literacy Conference led by AHLA in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam  is approaching quickly!

Don't forge to register for the special workshops on November 10th, 2019 led by Health Literate Experts: Prof. Tsai Ming-Che & Prof. Sabrina Kurtz-Rossi (Health Literate Healthcare Organizations: Application in Research and Practice), Prof. Stephen Van Den Broucke, Prof. Kristine Sorensen, & Dr. Paras Pokharel (Health Literacy Policy and Advocacy), Prof. Diane Levin-Zamir & Prof. Jurgen M. Pelikan (Digital Health Literacy, Health Literacy and Innovation in the Healthcare System)

*Please note this registration process is separate from the conference registration. Contact with any questions or queries! Registration link: